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Everybody wishes they could use their garage better. A lot of people wish they could just get their car inside. Using your garage efficiently can save space, save time, and even reduce risk of injury since you won't have to step over the weed wacker to get the garden shears precariously hung over the rusted can of gasoline. Whether you want to use your garage for storage, want to use it as a work station, or both, Incognito has an exciting, affordable answer. A custom solution from Incognito is the best way to maximize your garage without breaking the budget. We offer thousands of different combinations of work surfaces, hutches, pedestals, cabinets and storage systems and work stations that can be built in 1” increments, custom designed and professionally installed so that you can work smart and work happy. You can create a highly efficient work and storage space to meet all your needs, just call Incognito and a free in home design consultation will make it easy for you to do your homework!

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