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I remember an awkward moment when a friend of mine got engaged. When she showed me the ring, she must have felt a bit insecure about the small size of the diamond, because before I could say anything she pre-emptively informed me that “large diamonds didn’t look good on her fingers.” Good thing, then, that her’s was so darn small.

Our closet organizing competitors must have a similar insecurity when it comes to their showrooms—or lack thereof. In the Memphis area, out of all the closet organizing companies, only 2 (besides us, and those 2 are tiny) have any showroom at all. All the others simply produce a color brochure and try to convince people that “it’s better to not have to bother with driving down and wasting time at a showroom.”


Would you buy a house without walking through it? Would you buy a car without test driving it? Heck, most people wouldn’t even buy a TV without checking out its picture quality down at the store.

Let’s get real. Of course it’s better to see your closet in a showroom before you buy it first. You can see, feel, and touch EXACTLY what it is you’re buying. You can compare the subtle nuances of color and wood grain that simply can’t be discerned from a photo. You can feel the thickness and heaviness of different styles of wood and designs. In short, you can get a lot better feel for exactly what you’re getting BEFORE you buy it.

The problem, of course, is that most of the other closet companies in the area simply aren’t well-capitalized enough to have a showroom. Many of them are one-man-shows that are simply local reps for large, national companies that sell pre-fab closets. Others are mom-and-pops that install fewer units per year that we have in our showroom. And probably the biggest problem of all is that many of these companies sell such cheap closets on such thin margins (click here for a shocking admission!) that they simply don’t have the wherewithal to operate a showroom.

Their story: Large diamonds don’t look good on small fingers. Give me a break.

Here’s what you will find when you come to our conveniently located closets and more showroom in Memphis:

Or if you prefer, we can have one of our competitors mail you a 12-page brochure. Your call.

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