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Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials used has a lot to do with the durability and longevity of your project. When we first got in the business, we were convinced by our supplier to use cheap materials, and we saw firsthand what a disaster that was. Since 1995, we’ve insisted on using the highest quality materials available. They only cost about 5% to 10% more, but they make a world of difference in the look, feel, and durability of your closet.

What To Look For: 100 Lb. Rated Drawer Glides

Why It’s Important: Our drawer glides are rated for 100 pounds; our competitors are only rated for 35. If a child ever climbs up on a lower-rated drawer, of if you accidentally lean/put pressure on it, it’s toast. Insist on the heavy-duty stuff!.

Quality of Materials

What To Look For: Heavy-Duty Edge Banding

Why It’s Important: We use heavy-duty 3 mm edge banding to give your project a more stout look and feel. Nobody ever thinks about the edge banding unless they used the cheap stuff and their closet is getting dinged and beat up needlessly. For an entire closet, better edge banding only costs $4 to $10 more—but others refuse to spend the money!

Quality of Materials

What To Look For: Board Type & Thickness

Why It’s Important: We use “industrial quality, furniture-grade board” that is ¾” thick. This is wood that is heat pressured and engineered to be more dense and carry more load without warping than regular wood. Other companies mostly use thinner 5/8” thick non-furniture grade boards leaving your project wide-open to warping, cracking, bending and other problems. Fully 50% of the quality of your project is dependent on using the right wood. Cheaper wood will save your contractor about $100 to $200 per job—but don’t risk it. You will be disappointed later.

Quality of Materials

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